What is a Wiki Space?

A wiki work space is an area inside the Confluence wiki system with:

  • separate page name space
  • separate permission settings
  • possible distinct visual representation / branding

What is a Wiki Space good for?

A wiki space can be support a collaborative project where several users (or just one) collaboratively create a set of pages, accessed by a number of users - who may be able to just read the pages, comment on them, or modify the content as well.

A wiki space can be useful, e.g., in the following scenarios:

  • a collaborative project just among a few researchers
  • a departmental collaboration
  • a student project
  • publishing material for a course (lecturer creates pages, students can read and comment)

Who can access this Confluence Wiki?

  • Anybody with a valid University of Canterbury login
  • Anybody with a valid login at any educational or research institution partnering in the Tuakiri Federation.

Note: Being able to log in to the Wiki does not necessarily grant you access to all data.  Spaces can be restricted, see Wiki Space Permissions below.

How do I get a Wiki Space?

Request the wiki space via the 'Log a Ticket' link on ICT Service Desk.

Have the following information ready for the Service Desk:

  • Wiki short name - a persistent identifier, e.g., LIBRSTAFF.  Only letters and digits allowed.
  • Wiki long name - a descriptive name of the project. Up to one line.
  • Preferred permission settings (see below).
  • Who should be the primary administrator of the space for ongoing permissions and control.

Wiki Space Permissions

There is a fine-grained permission system. In a simple way, the following rights

  • reading pages
  • commenting on pages
  • creating and modifying pages
  • administration

can be assigned to:

  • an individual user (UC or remote)
  • a manually configured group of users
  • a group defined based on departmental code
  • any University of Canterbury user (but not remote users)
  • any user with a valid login (including remote users from other universities)
  • anonymous users

The following use cases illustrate what permission sets have been found useful

A small project among a few researchers

  • Project leader has all permissions (including adminstration)
  • Project participants have full access to all pages (everything but administration)

Departmental wiki

  • HOD (or someone charged by HOD) has administrative access
  • A group created for the department has create/modify/read/comment access
  • Collaborators from other departments may be individually granted access.
  • The wiki may or may not be readable to all UoC users (including anonymous users).
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