What is a Wiki Space?

A wiki work space is an area inside the Confluence wiki system with:

What is a Wiki Space good for?

A wiki space can be support a collaborative project where several users (or just one) collaboratively create a set of pages, accessed by a number of users - who may be able to just read the pages, comment on them, or modify the content as well.

A wiki space can be useful, e.g., in the following scenarios:

Who can access this Confluence Wiki?

Note: Being able to log in to the Wiki does not necessarily grant you access to all data.  Spaces can be restricted, see Wiki Space Permissions below.

How do I get a Wiki Space?

Request the wiki space via the 'Log a Ticket' link on ICT Service Desk.

Have the following information ready for the Service Desk:

Wiki Space Permissions

There is a fine-grained permission system. In a simple way, the following rights

can be assigned to:

The following use cases illustrate what permission sets have been found useful

A small project among a few researchers

Departmental wiki