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  • Adding extra information to your EndNote records
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 You can add extra information to your EndNote records 

Add additional information so that you will remember why you saved the record in the first place !

Download and/or add your own Keywords

  • Look for options in databases that allow you to download both the abstract and keywords in some databases. You can also add your own keywords  to identify key references.
  • Delete keywords that are not relevant to your work 


  • Some databases export information to this field so leave this field empty and add information to Research Notes instead 

Research Notes

  • This field can take up to nine pages of extra information
  • Copying and pasting key passages from a PDF may be helpful here
  • You can also copy parts of a web page into this field 
  • You could type notes on the importance of that paper for your literature review 


  • You can copy and paste key figures here 










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