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A group of users may be assigned permissions to a wiki space or to individual pages.  Using a group (instead of listing the users individually) can greatly simplify administration.  If, at a later time, a new users joins the group, the user automatically gains all the permissions granted to the group - instead of revisiting all the wiki spaces and pages the group has access to.

A group may be defined either:

  1. by listing all users manually
  2. or based on a departmental code or course code

When requesting the ICT Service Desk to create a group, please have the following information handy:

  1. the list of users (preferrably their user codes). It would help if the users could log in at least once before requesting the group from the Service Desk (the users' account information would be mirrored in the system by then)
  2. for case 2., the departmental code or course code in question.  In this case, the users would be dynamically added to the group as they log in.  If you'd like users who no longer have the code to be removed from the group (such as students who are no longer signed-up for a course), ask for the group to be automatically purged.
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