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This site is maintained by the UC Audio Visual team and is designed to help users gain better understanding about AV Updates, supported AV equipment, and AV Design Standards at the University of Canterbury.

AV Standards & Supported Equipment

[AV Approved Equipment]

A detailed and up-to-date category list of approved and supported Audio Visual equipment for use on the UC campus.

AV Standards & Supported Equipment

A comprehensive and up to date detail of all UC Audio Visual Design Standards and Guidelines.

A useful repository of information for referencing

This section describes and defines the recommended technology specification for the successful implementation, or upgrade, of teaching and learning spaces within the University of Canterbury. The standards section sets to define as clearly and in as much detail as possible the minimum acceptable standards and expectations set by the University within all of the various types of teaching spaces on campus


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The University provides teaching, learning and research facilities including over 175 teaching and learning spaces across two campuses (Ilam & Dovedale) based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The University’s Learning Technologies Services (LTS) unit strives to deliver Audio Visual (AV) services that are matched as closely as possible to the University’s business needs. As a core part of the University’s business, users have a right to expect that audio visual systems provided at the University for teaching and learning will be fully functional at all times.

The University does not wish to suffer needlessly through lost teaching opportunities and ongoing maintenance costs; therefore system design, product selection, and installation quality needs to be robust and reliable.

The University teaching spaces are used on average 10 hours per day, 5 days per week, plus evenings and weekends for external events with minimal opportunities for maintenance.

The University may look at options that are outside of the scope of this document. The intention of this document is to provide a full specification for the desired outcome of the solution. However, where a vendor believes they have other options that can enhance the services provided, lower costs and increase the audio visual experience for our staff and students the University may look at these options. These must be clearly documented and scoped on how they will support the overall outcomes as listed in this document. These will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

This standards document incorporates both technical and operational assertions, which are based on developed criteria and shall be adhered to unless an exemption is provided in writing from the academic Learning & Teaching Committee, as well as the LTS Team Leader. 

This document also clearly outlines:

  • A user friendly functional description and service overview for academic and general staff
  • A detailed description of recommended technology, functional use, and component details for internal stakeholders
  • A comprehensive technical brief and integration standards for external service providers or in-house integrators implementing teaching space technology





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