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Q: How earthquake proof is the Geography staff block?
A: Rob Oudshoorn at Facilities Management says: all campus buildings had been recently assessed and none were deemed 'critical'. He said that some upgrade issues had been identified on campus and they were working through those, but the Geography Staff Block was not one that was identified as needing any work in this area. So I think this building is as earthquake proof as a 1960s building can be...
Posted 11:40, 1 Aug 2008 (12 months ago)

Q: I used the external fire escape on the Geog Staff Block one dark night and there were no lights. Why not?
A: Graham Woolstencroft of FM says: The lights should come on with the street lights, but the lamps were blown. He noted that fire escapes should only be used in an emergency (I noted that using them was a good check). edited 11 months ago
Posted 11:55, 1 Aug 2008 (12 months ago)

Q: Should an accident enroute to work be formally reported as part of UC H&S procedures.
A: It should not, unless it happens on UC property, or on work time or business, as we have no control over events or hazards outside our 'work place'.
FYI, here's the full monty from Sharon Butt, UC H&S Consultant: "If the accident happens on University Property it needs to be reported. If it incurs an ACC claim or time off work, then payroll need to be told to ensure that the person is paid correctly, and this is via the sick leave form and medical certificates. All accidents on site have to be reported on the event report form."
Posted 10:37, 8 Aug 2008 (12 months ago)

Q: Do all new electrical appliances (e.g. computer, heater, radio, toaster...) need testing before I can use it at work?
A: Yes. Just who can do the testing is currently under review... edited 11 months ago
Posted 11:54, 12 Aug 2008 (11 months ago)

Q: Where are the department Material Safety Data Sheets held?
A: With Justin? edited 11 months ago
Posted 15:07, 25 Aug 2008 (11 months ago)

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