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All new and externally borrowed mains operated equipment must be INSPECTED, TESTED, & TAGGED by an approved person before it can be used.

Everyone has a responsiblity to ensure the electrical equipment they are using is safe, and report it if faulty, or if it hasn't been tagged (which indicates it hasn't been inspected and tested by a competent person). Equipment brought in to the department must be tested before use, and this can be arranged by contacting myself, Steven Sykes, Nick Key, or Justin Harrison, who in turn will contact Glenn Lewis of Psyc (Ext.8187) to come over to do an EARTH test on the appliance. - John Thyne 4/11/2008

  • The relevant standard is AS-NZS3760 (subject to copyright - cannot be copied or redistributed or put on a network).  

  Extracts from AS-NZS3760

  1.2.1: New equipment: In NZ, the equipment shall be inspected, tested and tagged on entry to service.

  2.2 PERSONNEL: The inspection and testing tasks specified in this Standard shall be carried out by a Competent Person as defined in 1.4.5

  1.4.5: A Competent Person has the necessary practical and theoretical skills...

  NOTE1: A Competent Person is not required to be a registered or licensed electrical practitioner.

  NOTE3: A Competent Person shall... (tasks)

  2.5 DOCUMENTATION... keep a register...? (we don't)

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