Invoices of ATO loans and auto-purchase eBooks will be sent to us from ProQuest directly every month.

An email notification will be sent to the Collections inbox : "The following title has been automatically purchased on ProQuest Ebook Central"

Create order on Horizon using the below details, then receive and catalogue

Be aware they might supply 3-user versions - if so, ensure a subfield z is added to the 856 in these cases = $z Access limited to 3 simultaneous users

Vendor name:         ProQuest Information and Learning

Vendor code:          xpqil

Vendor number:     6541 

Use subject fund to charge ATO auto-purchase eBooks.

Use bxeo to charge ATO loans (thale.2018 in 2018)

Suppressing a DDA title (STL) in ProQuest LibCentral

Invoicing Proquest ATO loan titles


  • Invoices will come from Proquest via email to the Collections account
  • Invoice will have ATOLOAN printed on the account summary
  • Print and stamp invoice - STL invoices should be stamped with the Opex code stamp
  • Create Purchase Order on Horizon using vendor code xpqil
  • PO header:
    • Copy/Item = None
    • Untick Barcode @
  • Just do as a single line, noting the number of ATO loans and invoice date e.g. 132 x ATO loans 01-31 August 2017.
  • Quantity: 1
  • Location: b
  • Budget: bxeo
  • Collection: xeb
  • Item type: r
  • Stat class: pd (patron driven)
  • Unit price: invoice total
  • Save and close
  • Approve & print
  • Create invoice on Horizon: xpqil (New Invoice: xpqil)
  • Put in invoice number + invoice date + total amount
  • Invoice line, keep receipt box ticked, then approve
  • Stamp invoice with Opex stamp + date stamp. Sign
  • Place in basket for Finance
  • Email goes in "invoices passed" folder

Invoicing Proquest ATO Auto-purchase titles

  • Create invoice - vendor xpqil
  • Search for titles by selecting Candidates then Vendor
  • Process same as a normal e-book invoice - items will already have been received
  • Stamp Capex

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