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Table of Contents

EndNote Problems

This page covers some of the more common technical problems encountered with EndNote. Additional support is available from the EndNote vendor's website. If these resources do not help, contact Library eServices by email or phone 364 2987 x 8603.

Help in using EndNote is provided by the Liaison Librarians in each of the campus libraries.

For those interested in user forums, have a look at the EndNote forum - sometimes there is useful discussion.

No EndNote toolbar in Word

A common problem, although the cause has varied over the years.

If you are working on your own computer, there are two things to try: the first is to look at the Disabled Item page which is the most common cause of problems in Word 2007 or Word 2010. If this does not help, the EndNote support pages also provide help for this problem.

If you are using a student-workroom or library computer, then there are also two options - but you cannot use the suggestions on the EndNote support pages mentioned above. The first option is described on the Disabled Item page, the other (and more drastic) is to have your profile reset by one of the ICTS ServiceDesk staff or workroom supervisors.

Flickering screen problem - or EndNote does not start

These instructions apply only for a Windows PC connected to the campus network. Ensure Word is closed. Uninstall EndNote. Run the following script (single-click, choose Open or Run): \\\student\Apps\endnote\regdelendnote.vbs. (This link only works in Internet Explorer or via the Run box). If this script is not available (e.g. on a Staff Machine) there is also a copy at N:\Endnotevbsscript\regdelendnote.vbs. Reinstall EndNote. Open an EndNote Library and if that is OK, then start Word to check the EndNote toolbars have installed.

Format bibliography slow or freezing

Word can either format references individually as you insert them, or many at once when you choose "Format Bibliograpy". If the formatting process is slow, turn off instant formatting and the Cite While You Write (CWYW) functions and rely on manually running the Format Bibliography command when it suits. The initial delay in starting to format the Word document can sometimes be several minutes and, to all appearances, the process appears to have frozen.

To turn off Instant Formatting, see the Disable instant formatting pages. If you get an error message like "left or right delimiter must be unique and cannot be blank" then see the Delimiter error instructions.

To turn off the CWYW function, first turn off Instant Formatting then see the Disable cite while you write.

Cannot use connection files in the student workrooms

If you use Internet Enabler you should be able to connect to most databases directly from within EndNote - although this is seldom as effective as searching the database directly then importing into EndNote. However, some databases cannot be searched through EndNote when in the Student Workrooms, or using other computers similarly configured (e.g. within the Library). The two most prominent of these are PubMed and Web of Science. For these you must search the database separately and then import the results into EndNote.

"Member not found"

This message can appear if the Cite While You Write (CWYW) tools from a previous version of EndNote are in the Word startup folder. 

To fix this problem, close Word and browse to the Word startup folder. The default location of Startup depends on your version of Windows.

Windows Vista:

C:\Users[YOUR USER NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP

Windows XP/2000:

C:\Documents and Settings[YOUR USER NAME]\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\Startup

Note: If you cannot find the specified folder, your Windows preferences may be set to hide the folder. In Windows Explorer go to Tools / Folder Options / View tab and make sure that "Show hidden files and folders" is selected. Press Alt to view menus in Windows Vista.

Delete any EndNote files in this folder. Now when you use EndNote, you should not receive this error message.

_This information reprinted from Thomson Reuters Forums on 10/3/09:_

Troubleshooting for Mac

For Mac-specific problems, see Troubleshooting for Macs.