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Comment: I have arranged guest acces to the University of the Free State mobi site in South Africa. Currently the use of the site is developing in a number of different ways. It is being used for student support projects, Academic Turnaround Strategy, course content and as a clicker system. In this regard, you could look at EKN 124 ENG, which is a module taught by my wife. I would urge you only to look though and not touch as this is a live course. The service runs off a WAP server on campus and is platform and instrument independent. Because it uses data bundles, the average cost per module to the student is in the region of 75c.


This space has been setup after an initial meeting held on August 18, 2010 by a group interested in mobile technologies.
It is to be a repository for links, information and discussion on mobile learning technologies that are already happening at UC or could be in our future.
Feel free to contribute.

Project documents

Comments from Arin

The meeting today was very encouraging and we are living in a very interesting time as far as emergent technology is concerned. ICT in education has come a long way. Integrating technology, databases, and apps and making them seamlessly blend with student and faculty is the next step up. I'd like on these issues later.

We have made a great beginning.

Arin Basu