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The QuakeCoRE Technology Platforms are designed to develop facilities, equipment and knowledge bases that underpin all Flagship Programmes and other QuakeCoRE activities. These Platforms involve cross-institutional and industry collaborations.

TP1: Experimental Laboratory Facilities: This Technology Platform will accelerate the development of large-scale laboratory testing procedures, instrumentation, and multi-institutional collaboration.

TP2: Field Testing & Monitoring: This Technology Platform will build on NZ leadership in field testing to focus on the further development and applications of these testing technologies and dissemination of their obtained field data to inform QuakeCoRE research.

TP3: Open-source Community Datasets: This Technology Platform will foster the contribution to, and utilisation of, existing community databases, as well as enabling the development of new disciplinary databases, and the extension of regional databases to a nation-wide scale.

TP4: Computational Simulation and Data Visualization: This Technology Platform will foster the continual development of cornerstone open-source software and enhance research and end-user community utilization through collaborative Flagship and Seed Project research


Cross-TP initiatives

In addition to the activities within each TP, there are also cross-TP initiatives, as noted below:

RHAV: Response History Analysis Validation: The aim of this cross-TP project is to accelerate the validation of seismic response history analysis models through a systematic improvement in the underpinning research infrastructure that feed into this multi-heirarchial problem.



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