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Flagship Programmes are a collection of QuakeCoRE-funded projects involving multi-institution and multi-disciplinary research collaboration, engagement with end-users, and co-funding. The initial Flagships described in this Collaboration Plan integrate successful on-going projects by QuakeCoRE researchers and leverage additional funding to achieve significant impacts for NZ.


FP1: Ground Motion Simulation & Validation: This Flagship aims to induce a paradigm shift in strong ground motion prediction through the use of high-fidelity physics-based simulation methods; merging state-of-the-art knowledge in strong motion seismology and geotechnical earthquake engineering

FP2: Liquefaction Impacts on Land and Infrastructure: This Flagship focuses on soil liquefaction as one of the principal earthquake hazards affecting land and infrastructure of New Zealand

FP3: Addressing Earthquake-Vulnerable Buildings - A multidisciplinary Approach This Flagship seeks multi-disciplinary research on existing buildings vulnerable to significant damage and potentially collapse in future earthquakes

FP4: Next-Generation Infrastructure - Low damage and repairable solutions: This Flagship seeks a new design paradigm whereby reparability and damage-control is explicitly considered in the design process. This requires the development of new low damage systems, quantification of the reparability of conventional systems, and addressing barriers to implementation.

FP5: Pathways To Improved Resilience: This Flagship focuses on determining how we decide where to invest attention and finances to improve NZ’s resilience to earthquakes.




Cross-FP initiatives

In addition to the activities within each FP, there are also cross-FP initiatives, as noted below:

Alpine Fault Earthquake Case Study


Special Projects

Large externally-funded research programmes aligned with the QuakeCoRE mission:

Special Projects



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