We recommend that you create footnotes using your word processor, and then insert the citations into the footnotes using special styles for footnotes: either Chicago 16th A or MLA (MLA-italics). For law referencing, see the page specifically on the NZLSG style.

Inserting References in Footnotes in a Microsoft Word Document

Method 1

  • Open the EndNote library
  • Select the reference you wish to cite in a footnote
  • Open Word, position the cursor where you wish to insert the footnote indicator
  • Select the Reference menu, then insert Footnote (shortcut Ctrl+Alt+f)
    Important: Make sure you are in Print Layout view in Word
  • Go down to the new footnote, click where you want the citation to be inserted, and select the Tools menu, EndNote, and Insert Selected Citation.
    (If you prefer, you can use the icon on the EndNote toolbar instead)

Method 2

Click Insert > Reference > Footnote (shortcut Ctrl+Alt+f)

  • Position the cursor in the footnote or endnote where you would like the citation to appear
  • Go to EndNote and copy the citation
  • Paste the citation into the footnote or endnote
  • Position the cursor before the final curly bracket and type @ followed by the page number eg @24. Your unformatted citation will then look like something like this: {Koehl, 1986 #21@24}
  • Repeat this procedure for each footnote
  • Format the bibliography

Inserting a page break before bibliography

You must insert a Page Break before the bibliography at the end of the document. This will ensure your bibliography is printed on a separate page at the end of your document, while the footnotes will appear at the bottom of each page correctly formatted.

To do this:

  • Position the cursor just before the heading for the bibliography (e.g. References, Bibliography)
  • Click Insert from the menu bar
  • Click Break and choose the default Page break
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  1. If you want to add a page number AFTER formatting, clik on the footnote, and use the Edit Citation command to put the page number in the page number field.