Attaching PDFs to references 

  1. Select the reference for the PDF in your EndNote library.
  2. Right click, then select File Attachments and Attach File.

Or select the reference for the PDF and click on the paperclip icon from the Quick Edit tool bar to attach the pdf

Search fulltext PDFs

  1. Select reference(s) in your EndNote Library.
  2. Right click and select Find Full Text

    3.  EndNote will search and attach PDFs if they are found.

Importing existing PDFs into EndNote

You can import PDFs into EndNote and, in many cases, EndNote will populate all reference fields in your EndNote library using its Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

Please change the browser settings before you download any PDFs.

  • In IE, click on Tools>Internet Options>Connections>LAN settings, then untick the box "Use a proxy server for your LAN"
  • In Google Chrome, click on

1. Open your EndNote library and click File

2. Click Import, then File to import a single PDF to EndNote. If you have a collection of PDFs saved in one folder, choose Import > Folder. 

3. Choose PDF as your import option. Click the Import button.

Note: If the DOI is not present, the PDF will be imported, but not the full reference fields. In this case, right click the reference, then choose   to locate its reference fields. Otherwise, you may have to manually type its reference fields.

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