The EndNote software is available for staff and students of the University to load on their own computers. Use the links below to download the desired version, e.g. Windows or Macintosh.

For help on installing the software see the installation pages. These files are not for use with a UC computer connected to the UC Network – see the on-campus installation pages for notes in this situation.

The Software

When you click the link to the download page (see below), you will be asked for your UC username and password. This is required by our EndNote Licence, which only allows distribution to staff and students and requires us to maintain records of who has downloaded the software.

  • Note the sizes of the files.The files are large and if you have a slow connection will take a long time to download
  • Save the file somewhere on your computer where you can find it
  • If you download the Windows file, note that it is compressed. Find it in 'My Computer', right-click on the file and use the extract option to extract the files. If you try running the installation file without doing this, it will fail

EndNote for Windows or Macintosh

  • The current version is EndNote X7. You will be asked for your UC login
  • Also available download page above are tutorials. The basic EndNote installation will put a text manual on your computer for reference
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  1. where do I get a product code or purchase endnote from


    1. Software for use on the home computer of a UC staff or student is available from: Software

  2. My Endnote X3 is malfunctioning... the CWYW function is crashing all the time... I have tried EndnoteWEB and for some reason it would not update the citations that I've amended via Endnote Web. I am using Word 2007. Can I use Endnote X4? or is that not a good idea either??