There are two methods you can use: download records from MultiSearch or Online Search within EndNote

Method 1. MultiSearch

After executing a search on MultiSearch, refine your search with Items in the library catalogue and if appropriate also the content type  Book / eBook.

Follow these instructions to download records to EndNote.

Method 2. Online Search

Open EndNote first

First-time users need to go to Tools > Online Search on the top toolbar. (It is recommended that Online Search Mode is chosen first; click the button at the top left of the screen )

Repeat users should click the Online Search Mode button at the top left of the screen , and will find a link to the University of Canterbury catalogue in the Online Search menu area on the left. You can access the catalogue from there

First time users

  • In EndNote, select Online Search Mode mode by clicking the button at the top left of the screen 
    • Online Search Mode ensures downloaded references are stored temporarily, allowing you to view references without affecting your library
  • Go to Tools > Online Search on the top toolbar
  • A drop-down menu will appear. Click the U Canterbury | Library Catalogs or Library Catalogue | University of Canterbury and click the Choose button
    • Note: do not choose "Canterbury Christ Church U" connection, as that is the catalogue of another university
    • If you cannot find U Canterbury in the drop-down list, you can get the connection file from the link in step 2 on this page and save it to your EndNote connections file folder (as detailed in the instructions on that page)

  • A search screen will appear; enter your search terms 


  • A Confirm Online Search dialogue appears. You can choose to download all records, just a subset, or Cancel and refine your search terms and parameters
  • Select the records you want to import into your library (Hint: use Ctrl+a to select all records), then click the Copy to Local Library button at the top of screen  to import the records
  • You can continue with further searches on the Library catalogue if you wish. When finished with searching the Library catalogue, click the Integrated Mode button at the top of screen  , and click OK to discard all the online references
  • To remove the Search boxes, click the Hide Search Panel button at the top right of screen
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