Many Library databases allow the user to export records from a database into a user’s personal EndNote library. Some databases are set up to export records automatically, while other databases require the records to be saved as a .txt file and imported separately into EndNote.

Each database family uses a unique method of exporting records so Library staff have prepared the instruction sheets listed below.

Note that when you choose to export citations directly to your EndNote library from a Library database and the automatic export does not happen, you should choose "open with EndNote" option so that the citation(s) can go to your EndNote library.

There have been some reports of problems using Firefox to Direct Export following an upgrade to EndNote X6. These notes may help.

Exporting from specific databases into EndNote

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  1. Downloading records from Index New Zealand. This works for me if I choose "Quick" as the download format but not if I choose "citation download" as recommended in Step 3 of the Endnote instructions for INNZ. Has anyone else struck the same thing? Caroline PS Happy New Year.