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Here are references, case studies, and Apps talked about in the Apple University Consortium presentation in Dunedin (October 21st, 2010).

The text looking at history of technology (from Plato to now)
Ong, W.J. , Orality and Literacy. The Technologizing of the World. Oxford : Routledge, 2007 . P 78

eLearning Maturity Model. Process Descriptions
Stephen Marshall, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ

Uni of Washington network stats

The chap who spoke of a "fetishisation of change"
Frank Furedi . Battle of Ideas Conference. London Nov 2009 (author Wasted: Why Education is Not Educating?)

Use of iTunesU

Swinburne Uni paper on authentic audience and their iTunes U experience
Germany, L. iTunes U: AN OPPORTUNITY FOR STUDENTS AND A HERALD OF CHANGE. Proceedings of International Conference on Information Communication Technologies in Education Conference 2010

Southern Institute of Technology

"Fortune" story on iTunes U

Open University figures for downloads from their iTunes U site

Mobile technologies

State Uni NY paper on lecture attendance
McKinney, D; Dyck, J L; Luber, ES iTunes University and the classroom: Can podcasts replace Professors Computers & Education. Volume 52, Issue 3, April 2009

Curtin paper supporting SUNY results
Brian R. von Konsky, Jim Ivins and Susan J. Gribble Lecture attendance and web based lecture technologies: A comparison of student perceptions and usage patterns?? Australasian Journal of Educational Technology 2009, 25(4), 581-595

Paper from Bioscience Education looking at intro and advanced student attendance differences
Jane Holbrook and Christine Dupont Profcasts and Class Attendance- Does Year in program Matter?? Bioscience Education. 2009, 13. ¨

Curtin paper from 2009 on student usage pattern
Oliver, B. & Nikoletatos, P. (2009). Building engaging physical and virtual learning spaces: A case study of a collaborative approach. In Same places, different spaces. Proceedings ascilite Auckland 2009.

ECAR study of undergraduate students and I.T.

Student versus Academic educational technology use
Kevin R. Guidry and Allison BrckaLorenz. A Comparison of Student and Faculty Academic Technology Use Across Disciplines EDUCAUSE Quarterly, Vol 33, No 3, 2010

Note: Gregor Kennedy et al did some important work in this area in Australia
Kennedy, G., Dalgarno, B., Bennett, S., Judd, T., Grey, K., & Chang, R. (2008). Immigrants and Natives: Investigating differences between staff and students use of technology. In R. Atkinson & C. McBeath (Eds.) Hello! Where are you in the landscape of educational technology? (pp. 484-492). Proceedings of ASCILITE, Melbourne 2008

Abilene Christian University report

Unitec (NZ) paper that followed mobile learning group over 4 years
Thomas Cochrane & Roger Bateman. Smartphones give you wings: Pedagogical affordances of mobile Web 2.0. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology. 2010, 26(1), 1-14

The U Wisconsin simulation/Game

U Melbourne paper on mobility in Chemistry teaching
Waycott, J. & Kennedy, G (2009). Mobile and Web 2.0 technologies in undergraduate science: Situating learning in everyday experience. In Same places, different spaces. Proceedings ascilite Auckland 2009.

Link to Victorian Dept Ed iPad trial

Chap who uses a simulated island (not virtual world) in Maths at UQ who teacher stats to Life Science students is Michael Bulmer

The App shown for references and searching

The App "eClicker"

The App for molecular modelling

The BlackBoard App

iAnnotate App

Word Map for word coding (used with Google Doc site)

AirSketch for white board like use over network for iPad and computers

Med School shown in video- Ohio State University

North American Med Schools using iPads - U California Irvine, Stanford, Northern Ontario School of Med

Example of digital workflow for Med Students at UC Irvine. The 30 minute iPAD student workshop essentially takes them through iAnnotate, DropBox and Noterize. Premise with iAnnotate is that no computer is required to get PDFs of their lectures onto the iPad.

Story on Victorian Dept Health pilot of iPads

The group defining ePub standard

The cross platform software to output ePubs- "Calibre"

The Apple software "Pages" that will export to ePub

An interesting book should you wish to develop ePubs
"EPUB Straight to the Point: Creating ebooks for the Apple iPad and other ereaders"

The Monthly Magazines' various ePublication options

The interactive text solution "Inkling"

The library student showing workload of researchers related to resource use
Australian Go8 libraries cost-benefit study: project report. London: Outsell, 2009

Report and recommendations from the scholarly publishing roundtable

Australian Author study on publisher/editor role in digital world
Malcolm Knox Show me the money? in Australian Author. Vol 42, No 2. August 2010

The iPad Algebra Book

Secret Lab - the student developer company

Reports on tech trends mentioned - Horizon Report ANZ, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI), Campus Computing

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