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This space has been setup after an initial meeting held on August 18, 2010 by a group interested in mobile technologies.
It is to be a repository for links, information and discussion on mobile learning technologies that are already happening at UC or could be in our future.
Feel free to contribute.

Project documents page

Comments from Arin

The meeting today was very encouraging and we are living in a very interesting time as far as emergent technology is concerned. ICT in education has come a long way. Integrating technology, databases, and apps and making them seamlessly blend with student and faculty is the next step up. I'd like on these issues later.

We have made a great beginning.

Arin Basu

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  1. Greetings.

    Thank you for involving me in an excellent meeting today.

    My action point is to go away and investigate how UC can work closer with Telecom around the area of Mobile Computing for students.

  2. The adoption of widespread mobile technologies will probably be slower in NZ than in countries like the US, because under our volume based internet charging nobody is keen to just "give away" wi-fi bandwidth. The telcos are grasping every dollar they can squeeze from the 3G and 4G cellular spectrum too, so wireless connections will always cost somebody a lot of money.

    The adoption of mobile computing will also involve a lot more groups apart from than teaching and learning. A quick first attempt to identify other interested parties brings up this list:

    • Marketing
    • Security
    • Metro Bus
    • Student health
    • UCSA
    • Library
    • Rec centre

    I'm sure we could add lots more, but the message is that wireless computing is going to change the way everyone operates.

  3. Kia ora

    Thanks for participation in todays meeting.  We covered a lot of ground and have some points to follow up on. The Microsoft keyboard link

    Abilene Christian University (ACU) has an iTunes U site with some excellent videos on it. This movie gives a good overview of the whole Mobile Project. Abilene Christian University blog about their iPhone mobile roll out ACU Connected information - more indepth about the iPhone and how they manage their Mobile environment.

    The following are a series of links demonstrating what is happening now. Apple information on using iPod Touch (Wifi) and related apps iPod Touch in classroom - more of what a Mobile device can do with multi-media Need to sign in on a UCLive account to gain access - some free software from Microsoft Microsofts Teacher Guides

  4. We have been given guest access to the University of the Free State mobi site. Please do not change anything on the site since it is a live site. The mobi site uses ans on-campus WAP server and costs the student an average of 75c per course module. It is currently running in pilot project mode and supports academic services, the Uni Academic Turnaround strategy, academic course content and acts as a clicker system in some classes.

    Let me know if you want to have a look. 

    Look particularly at the course module: EKN124 ENG

    1. Thanks Herbert

      I found this interesting, in that the heavy reliance on text was evident and necessary for the small screen experience.  The technology now can be more graphic in nature as the devices have higher resolution screens and the net is faster (we all live in hope of it getting faster).  Whatever we develop here needs to somehow future proof developments in technology.

  5. Campus Technologymagazine has some great articles on changes to campus computing, mirroring many of our trends: changed demand for labs, increased demand for mobile, innovative learning spaces, and so on. This article on Glasgow Caledonian University's Saltire Centre is worth a read.

  6. This article

    Has an interesting viewpoint on some market research done around mobile devices.