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  • User Migration to the new upgraded BlueFern systems
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You can use your account to log in via SSH to these machines: which is our AIX unix login node

  • which is our SUSE linux login node
  • which is our BlueGene/P login node

There are just two filesystems on the new systems: /hpc/home, a relatively low-performance filesystem for user and project home directories, and /hpc/scratch, a high-performance filesystem.  Hence, files for migrated users have been moved:

  • Project folders have moved from /hpc/projects/<projectName> to /hpc/home/projects/<projectName>.
  • You will find your scratch data from /hpc/bluefern, /hpc/work, /hpc/griddata and /hpc/gridusers under either /hpc/scratch/<usercode> or /hpc/scratch/<projectName>. In case you (or your project) had data in multiple locations, these will be organized as /hpc/scratch/<usercode>/bluefern and so on.

Please let us know if you cannot locate the data you had on your old system.

To use the new systems, please look through the new documents at Getting Started on the Power755 Cluster and Getting started on the BlueGene P

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