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UC HPC Overview

The University of Canterbury High Performance Computer (UC HPC) facility is home to of a two-rack (8192-CPU) IBM Blue Gene/P that runs calculcations at over 23 Teraflops, or 23,000,000,000,000 computations per second, and a 10-teraflop IBM power755 cluster with a shared-memory architecture that better supports some kinds of applications such as Fluent, used to simulate fluid dynamics models.

The two super computers are installed as a closely integrated system, and are also connected to the KAREN network. We are physically close to Christchurch hi-tech industries, but we also have high speed network connections customers in NZ and the rest of the world.

Getting Started with UC HPC

Be sure to read our UC HPC Documents page to get started, and have a look at our installed UC HPC Applications. If you are not already an HPC user then you should apply for HPC access.

Use of the  UC HPC systems is subject to a few conditions over and above normal HPC access. Please indicate which system(s) you want to use in your project description form - or contact one of the UC HPC team if you already have an account on the system and need BG/L access.

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