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  • Getting Started with the Data Transfer Node
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UC HPC runs a Data Transfer Node (DTN) to facilitate GridFTP transfers between UC HPC and other NeSI sites.

The DTN is split into two parts:

A user must first register at to link their Tuakiri identity (institutional login) with their UC HPC account.  This is necessary even for University of Canterbury users.

After that, user can go to and authenticate to the DTN ("activate the endpoint") with their Tuakiri login.


Note to users with multiple affiliations/institutional identities: we recommend to use the same identity across all of the data transfer services.  However, it is also possible to establish multiple successive mappings for multiple Tuakiri identities to link to the same UC HPC account.

The UC HPC DTN is known in as nesi#bluefern_canterbury.


The UC HPC Student system has a separate Data Transfer Node (DTN) at

For the student system:

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