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The purpose of this document is to serve as a simple introductory guide to the use of the University of Canterbury's IBM High Performance Computing (HPC) facility (otherwise known as BlueFern). A general schematic of the system is presented as well as information on how to perform the following tasks:

  • Login to the AIX environment
  • Login to the Linux environment
  • Change your password on the system
  • Navigate around the key file systems
  • Use of the compilers
  • How to run serial and parallel executables
  • How to use the job scheduling system

This document grew out of a document with a similar name started by Paul Walmsley, Quality Assured Solutions Ltd, who was one of the original commissioning engineers of the UCSC.

  1. Description of BlueFern
    1. BlueFern Building Blocks
    2. BlueFern System Overview
    3. The BluGene/L
  2. Accessing BlueFern
    1. Logging in
    2. X11 Forwarding
    3. Copying Files
    4. A note about Quotas
  3. Using BlueFern
    1. Commercial License Servers
    2. Userspace Limits
    3. Text Editors
    4. Compiling your own code
    5. Compiling Serial Code
    6. Compiling Parallel Code
    7. Porting considerations and the make utility
  4. Running your code
    1. Using IBM's Parallel Environment
    2. Using the LoadLeveler batch scheduler
    3. Checkpointing your applications
  5. Code of Conduct
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