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Welcome to the Wiki for QuakeCoRE, the NZ Centre for Earthquake Resilience. The purpose of this Wiki is the easy sharing of information and files between the collaborative partners of QuakeCoRE.


Flagships: QuakeCoRE-funded projects involving multi-institution and multi-disciplinary research collaboration, engagement with end-users, and co-funding

Technology Platforms: Develop facilities, equipment and knowledge bases that underpin all Flagship Programmes and other QuakeCoRE activities. These Platforms involve cross-institutional and industry collaborations.

Funding Results and Opportunities: QuakeCoRE RfP and external funding sources

Reports: Workshop and travel reports (coming soon)

Student Chapter Activities



Administrators for this page are Danica Nel, Susie Meade, Sung Bae, and Brendon Bradley. Please contact one of them with any corrections or suggestions. This wiki and all subpages are viewable by the public. Anyone with a Tuariki Federation (ie NZ University or CRI email address) can be given write access for specific pages (ie Flagship leaders etc). Please contact one of the admins to organise this.

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